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Deborah Fry M.A. (Cantab.), Dip. Trans

Translator and Language Consultant

Deborah Fry is a specialist German-to-English translator and language consultant based in Mainz-Kastel, Germany. She holds an M.A. in Law and Oriental Studies from the University of Cambridge and professional translation qualifications from both the UK and Germany. After coming to Germany in 1982, she worked as an editor, translator, technical writer and communications specialist before setting up and running the language services department for a major software house. She then co-founded and ran a specialist language services company for twenty years. A past office holder in professional terminology and translation associations, she also has experience of standards-setting.
Since 2016, Deborah Fry’s core business has been translating, editing and providing terminology for the complex and fast-moving texts needed by large organizations. Key areas include corporate governance and supervision; financial, regulatory and fund reporting; sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting; and risk management.
As a lecturer and language consultant, Deborah provides high-quality, concrete solutions for translators and communications staff. An experienced lecturer, she has given numerous in-house and external seminar and trained over 150 staff members in her previous roles. This knowledge is flanked by her experience of developing and implementing translation management and quality assurance procedures, and of authoring reference and teaching materials.





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