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Company Forms in Germany

with Deborah Fry, Fry & Bonthrone Partnerschaft Language Consultancy and Services

Das Seminar in Wien 2014 musste aus organisatorischen Gründen abgesagt werden, es wird allerdings 2015 im Herbst in Frankfurt am Main wieder angboten. Datum und Veranstaltungsort werden rechtzeitig bekanntgegeben.


• An introduction to the core company law terms and concepts in Germany that are relevant to company forms
• A guide through the maze of company forms, from sole proprietors through the various forms of partnerships down to the different types corporations
• A look at internal corporate and Group structures and related translation issues


The seminar addresses the concepts and terminology, and related translation issues, surrounding German company forms. It explains a number of core company law terms and concepts that help in providing a basic understanding of this area, as well as many of the abbreviations and acronyms for company forms that typically confront translators. Vehicles covered range from sole proprietorships and simple BGB-Gesellschaften, through the EK, the OHG and other "gewerbliche Unternehmungen", the main types of limited partnership (including the "& Co. KG" and the "KGaA"), down to the various forms of corporation (GmbH, AG and SE). Key information on the requirements, powers and duties associated with each form, and on the legislation governing them, will be provided. In addition, the seminar will look at common concepts and terms related to internal corporate and group structures and the translation issues associated with them.
The seminar is aimed at German-to-English translators and is designed both to serve as an introduction for translators unfamiliar with this material and as a technical refresher for more advanced translators. Registered participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.


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